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Patchwork Weaving on the Rigid Heddle


Rug Mug class or prior weaving experience required. 

Take your rigid heddle skills to the next level with planned pattern work using hand dyed yarn. The project is a scarf.

Fee: $165.00, includes supplies.

Painting with Wool


10:30 - 1:30

No skills required. 

Learn the art of creating scenes using wool instead of paint. We will be focused on needle felting techniques.

Cost: $75, includes supplies.


On the Swedish Draw Loom

Damask is an ancient weaving technique dating back before the 13th century. The origin of the word is from Damascus. During the Crusades in Syria, the Italians learned the technique thus bringing the it back to Europe. Damask is a self-patterned weave, rich in color and much freer when creating patterns. The patterns are created by changing the emphasis of warp and weft. 

The Loom Room is blessed to have a Damask loom warped and ready for students. We will give you brief instructions on how to read the pattern you select then you are on your own for hours of fun.  There is one morning and one afternoon session available each day.  Morning is 10a-1-p.  Afternoon is 2p-5p.  Supply fee is based on number of inches woven. 
Class Fee: $50 per 3 Hour Session

3 Day Twill Retreat


F/S: 10:30-4:30 & Su 1:00-4:00

This is a Twill Sampling retreat the first weekend in May. Students will be weaving on a 4 shaft loom. You can arrange to use one of ours, but must be able to warp your loom
in advance. Otherwise, you can use your own and make arrangements to get your warp at The Loom Room.
​Students will receive instructions in advance of the class. See below for costs.

Class: $350.00, includes yarn
Warp Winding: $25.00 to wind warp and ship to student

Spinning Lessons

Drop Spindles or On the Wheel

Learn to spin fibers in a comfortable setting with several choices of spindles or wheels to choose from. Fiber is provided in class, but you can bring in your own spindle or wheel to learn on. We are here to help you ease in to the fun art of yarn making. 2 hour session required as minimum.

Class fee: $60 for 2 hours, each additional hour is $30.