Felting, in general, is the meshing of fibers together to create fabric or multi dimensional projects. 

Needle felting uses a special needle with sharp edges designed to help twist and merge the fibers. You can create three dimensional objects but also amazing pieces meant to be softened and flattened later by the wet felting process.

Wet felting is the combination of water, soap, fiber and friction. We use wet felting to create Nuno scarves and garments as well as to merge fibers when painting with woo.

Nuno is a fairly modern technique based on thousands of years of felting. Felting wool is one of the oldest art forms to date because of its functionality and versatility. Nuno is the marriage of two contrasting fibers, wool and silk. The most common "canvas" is silk chiffon with merino/silk and fine merino fibers as the textural part. However, what sets Nuno apart from other felting arts is the distinct rippling and puckering  you achieve when marrying the two fibers together. 


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